Alli foster Mom to rescue dog Scooby

Thanks Catherine,
I have been meaning to send you a line to thank you for all that you did for Scooby. You would be so proud of him. On the introduction to his new family, he let little kids crawl over him, he met chickens without even batting an eye, and the sheep freaked him out but he showed no reactivity at all! His adoptive family and I have been in contact many times and they absolutely love Scooby. He has settled into his new kingdom without a hiccup. You would absolutely love this family- so calm and loving.
I really do appreciate everything you did for us, and I passed along some of your training tips to his new family. I taught the kids the ear TTouches and the zig zag down the back which Scooby loves. I suggested that they set up a confidence course in their yard. I’m sure going to miss that big fellow!
Thanks again, it was my absolute pleasure meeting and working with you!
Alli Wagner (foster Mom to rescue dog – Scooby)