Sarah, Manchego & Brie

Manchego and Brie are both reactive dogs who are uncomfortable around other dogs (as are my husband and I as a consequence). I have worked with many dog trainers and read all of the literature possible to understand my dogs as well as help them over the past 4 years. I have to say that I have never worked with anyone more patient and dedicated than Catherine. She has opened our eyes by slowly and gently learning the puzzle of what really makes our dogs uncomfortable. I have never had anyone spend so much time to truly understand the dynamics of what is going on under the surface and I really appreciate it.

I also have to say that we have seen slow and steady improvements with the Tellington TTouch aspect of the rehab. My dogs are becoming more calm and relaxed. The most profound piece for Manchego has been the head wrap. He wakes up in the middle of the night with anxiety occasionally and I normally give him Rescue Remedy, Valerian Root Tincture, Dog Appeasing Pheromone as well as putting his Thundershirt on when this happens. Just last week he woke and I simply put on his Thundershirt and head wrap and he went right back to sleep. It is truly amazing how much more calm it makes him feel!

Seaside Dog House Camp

Every Tuesday from June 10th to July 8th (5 weeks)

Back by popular demand…Doggies in Paradise, Seaside Dog House,
we will be offering “Dog House Camp” on Tuesdays in June and July.

After the success of our Spring Camp, we’ve decided to do it again. This will be a Summer camp for a small group of dogs that ‘play well with others’. Your dog must be well socialized and LOVE interacting with other dogs. He or she must be comfortable around dogs of all sizes (and energy levels) and able to play ‘appropriately’, without feeling scared, overwhelmed or out of control.

Camp days will provide your dog with a chance to play, hang out with other dogs & humans, take naps, learn new tricks, have adventures and experience new things. It also gives you a day off so you can schedule appointments, get some work done or just hang out and read a book.

Check out some videos from our last session of Camp:


Nap time:

All good dogs get treats:

Music appreciation time:

If your dog has not been to Doggies in Paradise, and you would like for him/her to attend Camp, please contact us to schedule an interview so we can determine if this is the right program for your dog. We have many workshops and private sessions available, that take into consideration the specialized needs of all dogs. Our goal is to make sure that your dog is enjoying the time at Doggies in Paradise and receiving the type of training and socialization that he/she needs & deserves.

Every Tuesday we will invite a small group of dogs, that love to be around other dogs, to hang out for the day. This will give your pup a break from his usual schedule and something new and fun to experience. Socialization is huge part of having a balanced dog. Socializing your dog on a regular basis is a life-long commitment. Here at Doggies in Paradise, we make it FUN! We will have games, obstacles courses, puzzles and lots of fun toys to play with at the Seaside Dog House.


Every Tuesday from June 10th to July 8th (5 weeks)


Self-shuttle for your dog
Drop off – 10am (or later) & pick up – 3pm (must be prompt on pick-up time)
$30 per day

Doggies in Paradise Shuttle Service:
Drop off approx. 4-4:30pm (available in Pt Roberts and Tsawwassen)
$35 per day 1-way shuttle

If you would like to book the full 5-weeks of camp, in advance, and guarantee a spot each week, you will receive a 10% discount.
Self shuttle $135
Our shuttle, 1-way $157.50

Otherwise, you can book the Tuesdays your pup would like to attend. I just want to let you know in advance, that since I am only taking a small number of dogs, I won’t always be able to ensure a spot each Tuesday, if booking is at the last minute. Registration for Camp is open now, so contact us to get your dog registered.

If you have questions about Dog House Camp or any of our other workshops & private session, please give me a call.

Thank you for trusting me with your dog and I hope he/she can join us for all, or part, of our Seaside Dog House Camp.
Catherine (Fred & Riley)

Tellington TTouch for Senior Dogs Workshop

Saturday, April 27, 2013
10am to 2pm

Senior dogs have a certain ‘knowing’ and grace about them. Sometimes we are surprised when our senior companion begins to exhibit the signs of old age. In this workshop we explore how Senior Dogs think and communicate. We will discuss how we can adjust their activity levels, diet and playtime to help them remain comfortable and active throughout their life.

TTouch bodywork & body wraps are a big part of this workshop. You will learn, along side your dog, just what works for him/her and how they can maintain or regain their movement and zest for life!
Sometimes dog can be stoic, especially in their later years. We will discuss the ways in which your dog may be experiencing pain or discomfort. You will learn how to read their signals and also be given several tools to help with pain management and health issues, such as arthritis.

This TTouch workshop will enable you to participate in the wellness of your dog, throughout his or her life!

The Senior Dog workshop is for those dogs who are comfortable being in the same room with other dogs.

The dogs will not be closely interacting but they will be near each other. If you have an older dog who has behavioral or reactivity issues, please contact me about scheduling a private session.

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or receive registration information about this workshop.

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Visit our seaside location for a day of relaxation and learning. Our small group workshops are ideal for those who want to spend the day with their dog, learning side by side. [Read More]

Positive Reinforcement Training

At Doggies in Paradise, training is based on building a strong relationship with your dog while having fun! We use only ‘positive’ methods of training to get the results you and your dog desire. [Read More]

Sharron & Kaiah

I especially enjoyed learning about mixing up quiet leash walking with vigorous exercise.  I will continue to use the ‘stroking’ the leash technique as well as the TTouch bodywork.  It was also helpful to learn about triggers and calming signals.  Thank you.

Heather, professional dog trainer, & Tissot

I especially appreciated the hands-on demonstration from the instructor.  It gave you the same experiences your dog would be feeling. It also showed the pros and cons of handling your dog in a certain way to keep them in balance.  I would recommend the Tellington TTouch method to others as a non-intrusive modality that assists in addressing a variety of issues

Karen & Jasper

I liked the Thundershirt, combined with the zig-zag touch to calm Jasper down.  I enjoyed the day, meeting Catherine and learned a lot!  Thank you very much.  

Dr. Janice Crook, DVM & Phoebe

I really enjoyed the day.  I plan to do more leash walks with my dogs and use the ‘stroking’ the leash technique.  I would absolutely recommend the Tellington TTouch method to others.  Thank you.