I’ve loved animals & flowers my whole life.

Growing up as the youngest in a family of 8 children, someone was always bringing home a kitten or stray dog. We did our best to convince my Mom that we should keep all of them. Sometimes it worked but most of the time we had to find them another good home.

My sister, Francina, adopted my first pup outside a shopping mall. I begged my Mom to keep him and I named him, Sugar. I thought he was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. I was 5 years old at the time and I couldn’t imagine life without a dog.
Throughout my life, I have volunteered with animals but business travel, limited my time to have my own furry family members. Finally, in 1998 I took a job, which didn’t require travel. Little did I know, that decision would change my life, forever.

That year, I met Jake.

Jake was a 7-week old, Lab/Terrier puppy that had a runny nose and needed a home. I wasn’t actually looking for a dog that day but since I wasn’t traveling for work, Jake & I decided it was meant to be. That would prove to be a huge understatement since over the next 12 years, Jake went on to teach me more than I could ever imagine.

Jake taught me so much about compassion, love and acceptance. He showed me what it feels like to care for another life with all the passion in the world. Without Jake to guide the way, I would not have taken the path I’ve been on. The path of knowledge that has taught me so much about life, love, health, communication, healing touch, patience and so much more!
 Jake was a teacher, a peacemaker, a soft guy, a great snuggler, and a calm soul. He lived with love in his heart and shared that carefully with others. When we said good-bye to him in 2010, I knew that his teaching would continue through my work with other dogs.

In 2005, I traveled to the Icelandic Horse Farm in Vernon, BC, to learn more about Icelandic horses. On that weekend, I was introduced to the Tellington TTouch method for training and communicating with animals. I met Benni that weekend, a chestnut gelding that would also prove to be an amazing teacher. Benni joined our family in January of 2006. Eight years later, Helgi, our other Icelandic became Benni’s best buddy.

After my trip to The Ice Farm, I focused on learning all I could about animals and their needs. I completed the 2-year Tellington TTouch program and became a Certified TTouch Practitioner. Next, classes at the Karen Pryor Academy and also certification in Canine First Aide.
Courses on Bach Flower Remedies & Applied Zoopharmacognosy with Caroline Ingraham followed.
All of this aimed at helping animals by understanding their point of view and how they think, feel & communicate.

These days, my hours are filled with dogs, horses and growing as many colorful flowers as I can. There is so much beauty in all of nature’s creations. I am grateful to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. My husband and I try to enjoy some little piece of Point Roberts each day.

~Beach time with our 2 pups – Clover & Walter
~Forest adventures with Benni & Helgi
~Time in the garden
~Paddling on the ocean.

These are a few of my favorite things.