Sarah, Manchego & Brie

Manchego and Brie are both reactive dogs who are uncomfortable around other dogs (as are my husband and I as a consequence). I have worked with many dog trainers and read all of the literature possible to understand my dogs as well as help them over the past 4 years. I have to say that I have never worked with anyone more patient and dedicated than Catherine. She has opened our eyes by slowly and gently learning the puzzle of what really makes our dogs uncomfortable. I have never had anyone spend so much time to truly understand the dynamics of what is going on under the surface and I really appreciate it.

I also have to say that we have seen slow and steady improvements with the Tellington TTouch aspect of the rehab. My dogs are becoming more calm and relaxed. The most profound piece for Manchego has been the head wrap. He wakes up in the middle of the night with anxiety occasionally and I normally give him Rescue Remedy, Valerian Root Tincture, Dog Appeasing Pheromone as well as putting his Thundershirt on when this happens. Just last week he woke and I simply put on his Thundershirt and head wrap and he went right back to sleep. It is truly amazing how much more calm it makes him feel!

Sharron & Kaiah

I especially enjoyed learning about mixing up quiet leash walking with vigorous exercise.  I will continue to use the ‘stroking’ the leash technique as well as the TTouch bodywork.  It was also helpful to learn about triggers and calming signals.  Thank you.

Heather, professional dog trainer, & Tissot

I especially appreciated the hands-on demonstration from the instructor.  It gave you the same experiences your dog would be feeling. It also showed the pros and cons of handling your dog in a certain way to keep them in balance.  I would recommend the Tellington TTouch method to others as a non-intrusive modality that assists in addressing a variety of issues

Karen & Jasper

I liked the Thundershirt, combined with the zig-zag touch to calm Jasper down.  I enjoyed the day, meeting Catherine and learned a lot!  Thank you very much.  

Dr. Janice Crook, DVM & Phoebe

I really enjoyed the day.  I plan to do more leash walks with my dogs and use the ‘stroking’ the leash technique.  I would absolutely recommend the Tellington TTouch method to others.  Thank you.

Sharon & Hugo

Hugo’s TTouch session appears to have had an extraordinary effect. He’s been to Lisa’s Daycare twice this week. His time there has been described as the best they’ve ever experienced! relaxed, enjoying playtime with other dogs, etc.

He seems to respond best to the zigzag touches and the raccoon ear touches. I can see a calming effect, even if he’s being a twit, ie circling, chewing the leash, etc.  Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience, on behalf of myself and the big Bouv! I am reading about TTouch and look forward to taking part in another session in the new year.  

Heather & Dash

Everything was well presented and easy to understand.  The zig-zag touch had an amazing affect on Dash as well as the Thundershirt!  I am open to any additional courses which will improve his reactions and in turn change our reactions.  Dash truly is less reactive. A day well spent!  Thank you.

Shelagh & Paprika

I especially liked the TTouch demonstrations that were done on the humans.  I will continue to do the ear slides with Paprika and use the Thundershirt.  The leash trick, looped around the chest (balance leash) will help on our walks.  The day was well worth the time and money.

Alli foster Mom to rescue dog Scooby

Thanks Catherine,
I have been meaning to send you a line to thank you for all that you did for Scooby. You would be so proud of him. On the introduction to his new family, he let little kids crawl over him, he met chickens without even batting an eye, and the sheep freaked him out but he showed no reactivity at all! His adoptive family and I have been in contact many times and they absolutely love Scooby. He has settled into his new kingdom without a hiccup. You would absolutely love this family- so calm and loving.
I really do appreciate everything you did for us, and I passed along some of your training tips to his new family. I taught the kids the ear TTouches and the zig zag down the back which Scooby loves. I suggested that they set up a confidence course in their yard. I’m sure going to miss that big fellow!
Thanks again, it was my absolute pleasure meeting and working with you!
Alli Wagner (foster Mom to rescue dog – Scooby)

Patricia & Muriel Rose


Thank-you for your resources on Saturday; I appreciated your generosity of spirit, and the possible opportunities in the future.

The philosophy fit, as I expressed in the evaluation. At times, I consciously thought “this woman can teach.” You can, and I suspect you are a natural. Your delivery is sincere and measured, and you use language that gives visual images to the student. You show and allow people to feel things, instead of just ‘telling’ how it is.

That may seem an odd remark, but when we are passionate about something, as you are about TTouch, it is tempting to use words such as “amazing, incredible, fantastic…” words that the listener can not put an image to. I teach Writing, and each year the lessons begin with “how does ‘nice’ look? How do we visualize ‘pretty’?”

I have been walking Muriel Rose using the balance leash, and she accepted the extra guidance immediately.

My other old dear dog, of fifteen, is tense in the belly. And yet, since Saturday, I have been trying the zigzag and tartula- pulling -the- plough, and she is seeking out touch. Before I tended to ruffle her fur and pat her gently, and she would move away within seconds.

Dogs are our soul mates here on earth: they comfort us, they accept us, and they love us. TTouch is one way of reciprocating in our relationship with them. To them we can offer comfort in language that is universal, the language of touch, of gesture, of being present with them. And that contact will stay in their body while we run around answering all the other calls in our life – gotta eat, gotta sleep, gotta do laundry.
TTouch should be one of our priorities because it builds a relationship of trust with our best friends.  

Additional thoughts:
TTouch is what every dog and person needs to know to begin a trusting relationship.
TTouch would win the Doggie Nobel Peace Prize, but unfortunately, it does not exist.

I think it is the answer to many dog questions.
The first one: Why should I trust you? Is answered in the first demonstration.
The answer is “Because I care.”
What dog, indeed what sentient being, can refuse that?

Thanks, Catherine. Hope to see you again.
(workshop participant)