Seaside Dog Camp

We are on a break from Camp right now.

Future dates will be announced soon.

Doggies in Paradise offers Seaside Dog Camp for a small group of dogs that ‘play well with others’. Your dog must be well socialized and LOVE interacting with other dogs. He or she must be comfortable around dogs of all sizes (and energy levels) and able to play ‘appropriately’, without feeling scared, overwhelmed or out of control.

Camp days will provide your dog with a chance to play, hang out with other dogs & humans, take naps, learn new tricks, have adventures and experience new things. It also gives you a day off so you can schedule appointments, get some work done or just hang out and read a book.

If your dog has not been to Doggies in Paradise, and you would like for him/her to attend Camp, please contact us to schedule an interview so we can determine if this is the right program for your dog. We have many workshops and private sessions available, that take into consideration the specialized needs of all dogs. Our goal is to make sure that your dog is enjoying the time at Doggies in Paradise and receiving the type of training and socialization that he/she needs & deserves.

Once a week, we will invite a small group of dogs, that love to be around other dogs, to hang out for the day. This will give your pup a break from his usual schedule and something new and fun to experience. Socialization is a huge part of having a balanced dog. Socializing your dog on a regular basis is a life-long commitment. Here at Doggies in Paradise, we make it FUN! We will have games, obstacles courses, puzzles and lots of fun toys to play with at the Seaside Dog House.


2022 Dates to be announced


Self-shuttle for your dog
Drop off – 10am (or later) & pick up – 3pm (must be prompt on pick-up time)
$40 per day

Doggies in Paradise Shuttle Home:
Your dog brought home 3-3:30pm (available in Pt Roberts only)
$45 per day (self drop-off in the morning) and 1-way shuttle home

If you have questions about Dog Camp or any of our other workshops & private sessions, please send me a message

Thank you for trusting me with your dog and I hope he/she can join us for our Seaside Dog Camp.
Catherine (Clover & Walter)

Tellington TTouch for Senior Dogs Workshop

Group workshops are currently on hold/check back for future dates or contact us for a private one-one session with your furry senior family member.

Senior dogs have a certain ‘knowing’ and grace about them. Sometimes we are surprised when our senior companion begins to exhibit the signs of old age. In this workshop we explore how Senior Dogs think and communicate. We will discuss how we can adjust their activity levels, diet and playtime to help them remain comfortable and active throughout their life.

TTouch bodywork & body wraps are a big part of this workshop. You will learn, along side your dog, just what works for him/her and how they can maintain or regain their movement and zest for life!
Sometimes dog can be stoic, especially in their later years. We will discuss the ways in which your dog may be experiencing pain or discomfort. You will learn how to read their signals and also be given several tools to help with pain management and health issues, such as arthritis.

This TTouch workshop will enable you to participate in the wellness of your dog, throughout his or her life!

The Senior Dog workshop is for those dogs who are comfortable being in the same room with other dogs.

The dogs will not be closely interacting but they will be near each other. If you have an older dog who has behavioral or reactivity issues, please contact me about scheduling a private session.

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