Clover Blossom Farm

Flower Shares

  • For 2024, Clover Blossom Farm is excited to be offering flower shares (CSA).
  • You can chose 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 10 weeks of flowers.
  • Delivery to your doorstep, your business or to a friend’s house in Point Roberts.
  • Summer time ‘Farm pick-up’ option will be available this year for Summer Flower Shares only
  • Flower shares are a great gift for any occasion or give the gift of colorful blooms to yourself.
  • Buy your shares now and enjoy weeks of flowers throughout the season.
  • This year we will be growing narcissus, tulips, ranunculus, gladiolas, snapdragons, poppies, cosmos, zinnias, celosia, and tons of dahlias!
  • Depending on the weather, we will have our first blooms ready for you end of March/beginning of April.
  • We are happy to skip a week if you are out of town, or deliver one of your bouquets to a friend, if you let us know in advance

3 programs we offer

spring tulips

(April, May & June)

This year, we have tons of unique tulips, speciality daffodils and colorful ranunculus planted on the farm, for a Spring flower explosion!

You will receive one bouquet of flowers, every week to 10 days, from what is growing in season  Flowers will be harvested at their peak to ensure the longest vase life for enjoyment.  This year we are offering either 4 or 6 weeks of Spring flowers

  • 4 weeks – $100
  • 6 weeks – $150

Older woman with flowers


(an add-on to your Spring or Summer Flower Shares)

For an additional $7 each week, a member of our Point Roberts community will be gifted a bouquet of flowers.
With this “add-on” option to your Spring or Summer flower shares, you are contributing to an additional bouquet each week – as a gift to someone in our community
Clover Blossom Farm will subsidize the rest of the cost & deliver around the Point.
We are working in conjunction with Circle of Care, The Point Roberts Food Bank and the Seniors Center to be sure the flowers are delivered to those who are experiencing a life challenge, or are in need of some extra kindness & love.
In 2022 we delivered 101 bouquets and in 2023 we delivered 104 bouquets.  Your support of this program is so incredibly appreciated!
  • 4 weeks – $28
  • 6 weeks – $42
  • 8 weeks – $56
  • 10 weeks- $70


(July, August & September)

Each week, a big bouquet of dahlias & other Summer blooms will be delivered to your home or business.
For the 2024 Summer Season, we will be growing some of the Floret Original zinnias.  These special flowers are unlike anything you’ve ever seen!
And, this year, we will be growing over 100 varieties of dahlias!  Every size, color and form you can dream of.

If you love dahlias & Summer flowers as much as I do, this flower share is for you!

  • 4 weeks – $140
  • 6 weeks – $210
  • 8 weeks – $280
  • 10 weeks – $350
A new option this year for Summer Flower Shares is Farm pick-up. 
If you have a flexible schedule and can come by the Flower Cart to pick up your Flower Shares each week, we are offering special pricing.
Flowers must be picked up at the farm, on the same day we notify you that they are ready for pick up.
Deliveries will not be made if you chose this option and flowers will not be held over until the next day.
Farm pick-up pricing for Summer Flower Shares
  • 4 weeks – $120
  • 6 weeks – $180
  • 8 weeks – $240
  • 10 weeks – $300

Flower cards

If you would like to give ‘flower shares’ as a gift, we have flower cards (see photo) for you to present.
The card will show the number of weeks of flowers that you have chosen.  If you’d like, this card can also be delivered by us to the recipient of your choice.

More details and contact information will be collected when your ‘shares’ are purchased.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions and/or to purchase your flower shares.
Happy 2024

Bring on the sunshine & the flowers…