Positive Reinforcement Training

At Doggies in Paradise, training is based on building a strong relationship with your dog while having fun! We use only ‘positive’ methods of training to get the results you and your dog desire.

“Doggies in Paradise” believes that animals are kind, gentle creatures that really want to please their humans. We approach each situation from a place where there are no, “bad dogs”, just a lack of communication between us and our furry friends that sometimes leads to unwanted behaviors. By utilizing the tools and technology of TTouch, clickers, play, games, puzzles, life rewards and sometimes food treats, we can work together to bring about positive behaviors, and change those that are less than desirable.

Sharing our lives with dogs (and all animals) is a highly rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. Since puppies and dogs do not come with instructions or fluency in the English language, as pet parents we must teach them how to live in harmony with their new surroundings. 

No dog is perfect – so we’ll help set realistic goals for you and your dog.

The reward-based techniques we use are based on the science of learning theory and positive reinforcement.  These methods are dog friendly and family friendly and do not involve the use of force or fear.

Doggies in Paradise can assist you in setting up your dog for success and help work towards changing your dog’s undesirable habits and issues.

Private sessions are by appointment and are the best option for busy pet parents and for dogs that have problematic behavior issues and would not be well suited for a workshop setting.

Private sessions may include teaching you and your dog to work as a team, learning basic commands, creative management solutions for undesirable behaviors or specific techniques of the Tellington TTouch Method to address your dog’s individual health or behavioral needs.

All private training and behavior modification emphasizes the reduction of stress and arousal to create an environment in which the dog can more easily learn new or more appropriate behaviors.

Workshops are designed to address certain topics or focus on specific times in a dog’s life when they need more assistance from their human family memebers (i.e – puppies, senior dogs, adding a new family member whether it be human, canine or feline, etc….)

Contact Doggies in Paradise to design a program that makes sense for you, your dog and your entire family.