Senior Dogs – Making the Golden Years Special

(approximately 4 hours)

Senior dogs have a certain ‘knowing’ and grace about them. Sometimes we are surprised when our senior companion begins to exhibit the signs of old age.
In this workshop we explore how Senior Dogs think and communicate. We will discuss how to monitor their activity level, diet and playtime to help them remain comfortable and active throughout their life.

You will learn & practice Tellington TTouch bodywork & body wraps at this workshop.
Working along side your dog, you will discover what techniques he responds to and how to help her maintain or regain balanced movement and zest for life!

Sometimes dog can be stoic, especially in their later years. We will also discuss the ways in which your dog may be experiencing pain or discomfort. You will learn how to read their signals and also be given several tools to help with pain management. Depending on each individual dog, we will discuss how to help your dog with health issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, overall stiffness, etc…

This TTouch workshop will enable you to actively participate in the wellness of your dog, throughout his or her life!

The Senior Dog workshop is for those dogs who are comfortable being in the same room with other dogs.
The dogs will not be closely interacting but they will be near each other.

If you have an older dog who has behavioral or reactivity issues, please contact me about scheduling a private session.

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